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francisco this weekend. [laughter] have you ever been there? >> no, it is the first time. craig: you'll lover it out there. they have a lot of dudes with pants with no asses in them. [laughter] well, that's been the usual professional show here i think. see that's what you want to do when you get back to germany. start a show like this, professional. >> it is unique. we don't have a show similar to this. [laughter] craig: i wonder why. [laughter] anyway, thanks for coming to america. do you want to say good night? >> um -- can i to my parents? hi, mom, hi, dad. craig: wait, wait, wait. do they speak german?
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>> yes. craig: so why don't you say in german, good night, mom, good night, dad, good night, everyone else who can't afford cable. >> [speaking german] [laughter] craig: is that it? [ male announcer ] we went to germany's nurburgring
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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." all i did is scream "oh god." >> a dump truck on a collision course, what caused the driver to lose control, the twisted metal left behind. he is the only known living person linked to a mysterious killing spree. why he is now out of jail. creative approach to appealing to chinese american voters. a name change on the november ballot. but some are questioning whether it should be legal. and not just your imagination, what's making drivers this one west coast city really slow down. good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. >> one after another, cars turned into twisted metal. >> and i said to myself "if he
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is going to stop" it was amazing, i never seen anything like that before in my life and i'm still in shock. >> 13 vehicle crash started with a single dump truck that lost control in oakland. itself happened as that truck exited 580 at the off ramp. kiet do talked with the driver at the wheel. >> reporter: for a few moments the driver of this dump truck thought this hall would be his last. did you think you were gonna die. >> i was ready for it. >> reporter: tony who didn't want to give his last name was headed eastbound carrying a load of dirt when he says his breaks gave up out third party top of the hill. >> all i did was screamed oh god from the time i figured this out to the bottom of this hill. at the top of my lungs, that's all i could say. i mean there was nothing else i could do. >> the force of the impact was so strong the dump truck swallowed the back half of this
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honda accord. the driver of the honda walked away. the back seat? empty. >> miracle nobody is in the back seat. >> oh, well yeah, because the truck is well in the interior of the car. >> a domino effect followed as a dozen cars were smashed around. 5 people went to the hospital. ruby white, bus driver, saw the whole thing doctor i was sitting at the red light and i saw this dump truck come zooming down the ramp and i said to myself "is he gonna stop," i said to myself am i ever gonna see anything like that in my life,. >> reporter: she was driving special needs children when she saw it. >> he hit the honda, the honda hit me, turned the different way to hit the bmw and it hit the side of my door and then these cars start banging each other. >> oakland police say they will
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not likely charge the dump truck driver. he thanks god everyone was okay. >> he is the only known survivor in the bay area murder mystery that left five miami- dade and, tonight, he is out of jail. charles righten house was freed less than three hours ago. police found the body of his wife and her friend on property last week and his lawyer is talking about his case and his alleged alibi. >> reporter: charles righten hawes has posted bail. his attorney snuck him out but how does the only man alive left with links to efren valdemoro and sources say lived with the body of his wife and best friend decomposing in his home get bail reduced from $2 million to $25,000. >> the 2 million was based upon the declaration of the officers indicating they were investigating his involvement in a homocide, they did not file homocide charges. >> reporter: the only charges
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the is a lab oh da's office can hang on him now is possession of explosives and making a destructive device. >> so his presence in the home alone is not sufficient to bring charges of a possible homocide? >> that's correct. >> cbs5 has learned the da's case is stalled because the bodies were so badly decomposed, extensive forensic testing is needed, so for now righten hawes walked and his attorney is already trying to prove reasonable doubt. >> i can only speculate. there's an obvious suspect in this case and i can only speculate that he put the bodies there. >> reporter: attorney leslie prince says efren valdemoro is the suspect in four murders, since he is accused of stealing her escalade it stands to reason he killed her and her best friend carol smart. >> some say that that's a kind of a convenience, you now have a suspect who is dead. >> all i know is they have already done an autopsy on this
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case and they have not charged my client with a homocide. >> reporter: prince has even accused valdemoro for the cash of explosives they are taking from his home and storage unit. >> there is something strange about having a large number of explosives in your home and a storage unit. >> first of all i don't know that there was any evidence that he had something in his storage unit. i heard valdemoro had something in his storage unit. >> reporter: despite statements on the discovery of uranium at righten hawes' home prince denies the charge. but for the first time she reveals righten hawes allegedly has an alibi for the murders. >> they can confirm that there were no dead bodies in the house on that day. >> reporter: in fairfield, robert liles, cbs5. police and volunteers spent a sixth day searching a pittsburgh landfill for the missing son of one of the victims. 35-year-old frederick solace hasn't been seen since before his father was found dead a
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week and a half ago. police believe the suspect in the father's death, the late efren valdemoro, may have put him in the dump. police swooped in and busted a big marijuana growing operation near san ramon, it was in a large remote area, police and schiff deputies found 1800 pot plants growing there. they arrested a pittsburgh manna they say was living there. another suspect got away happen. investigatorsest that the marijuana is worth a quarter million dollars. and take a food look at this guy. sunnyvale police calm hima person of interest in as many as 15 arson fires since may. most of the fires have involved dumpsters and piles of trash on the street. but there are also a few cases of car fires, including one where firefighters found someone inside. nine fires, alone, happened one morning last week. all them happened between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m.
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in residential neighborhoods. >> i don't know what they hope to gain out of it, we're not again a change our stance. >> but 120 inmates at the monterey county jail are stage agriculture hunger strike over soap. the jail reduced the number of bars of soap that inmates are allowed to buy per week from 4 to 1. the jail says that there were concerns that inmates were hoarding soap to use it as weapons and to hide contraband inside. inmates say that they need it to wash their clothes as well as themselves. bay area religious leaders joined together in palo alto today to condemn a florida pastor's plan to burn the koran this weekend. members of christian and jewish congregations among others joined muslim leaders in a show of solidarity. more than a dozen speakers called for religious freedom and tolerance and for a greater understanding of all faiths. tonight that pastor says he is
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not backing off of plans to burn 100 or more copies of the koran on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. terry jones of the dove world outreach center has been the subject of international pressure to cancel the event. the city of gainesville has now denied hima burn permit and his web site was shut down. >> we feel that he is an indirect course of violation of our freedom of expression, freedom of speech, because they are trying to shut us down. >> gainesville residents held their own interfaith service tonight and said that the turn out far outnumbered the 50 managers of jones' church. a long-standing practice on california ballots is coming upped some scrutiny right now. it has to do with the sometimes creative ways that candidates list their names on the ballot. joe vasquez reports it's all perfectly legal. >> reporter: ken, for the candidates who don't already have a chinese name most of
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them just go down to the department of elections where they are given one. most, but not all. eric smith just got a democratic party endorsement for supervisor in district 10. as is is the custom in this city which is 1/3 asian the majority of which is chinese he has chosen a chinese name to go on the ballot next to his english name. it is a foe nettic translation. the chinese characters sound as close to eric smith as possible. some of his friends were encouraging him to go a different direction, calling him something chinese. >> i thought something kingly or nor dick. >> the superior court judge has chosen a chinese name that contains the chinese name of lee as well as fair and just. >> it means fair, just, and with the surname lee which is a very common chinese name which i'm told phonetically sounds
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like michael nava, so our decision was to go for something that sounded like my name but also conveyed something about the qualities that people would want in a judge. >> umm -- legally i guess it's okay, but ethically, probably not. i don't think i would do it. >> reporter: it is apparently legal and commonplace. state senator leland yee introduced a bill calling the practice deceptive. he said if you didn't already have a chinese name his bill would say you could not make one up. >> it would be a trans lit ration, a foe nettic translation, not some characters that somehow suggest some good quality so you can gain an advantage or get some votes. >> reporter: fair and just. if i'm cynical i'm going for a minute you changed your name to try to get them to vote for you. >> i look at it this way. it does double duty as my slogan and my name and i don't think it is misleading in that
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sense. >> reporter: i want to make this point clear. what mr. nava is doing appears to be perfectly legal. i mentioned senator yee's bill, the governor vetoed that, so it never came to fruition. the bottom line here, sit is a common practice that will probably continue to go on for some time. reporting live in san francisco, joe vasquez, cbs5. hope so, because it's definitely something to say, eh. >> helping drivers get the picture. coming up next, the optic will illusion meant to make drivers slow down. a call to reflect during the commute. what's behind the thought- provoking questions posed to bay area drivers. symptoms and you think you've got moves better that in? huh. the study that had women determining the difference between a good and bad dancer. i think they were just trying to dance in the rain because we had a few sprinkles
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and some uncease nah plea cool temperatures. your thursday pinpoint forecast your thursday pinpoint forecast as "eyewitness 3q (announcer) did you know even the leading dishwashing detergent leaves residue behind? finish jet dry rinse agent removes residue and dries dishes better than detergent alone two times better. for a brilliant shine every time. finish jet dry rinse agent. finish. the diamond standard. i can't let her go on stage like this! she needs resolve max. with twice the stain-fighting power, it starts to remove the stain... right before your eyes. (lab girl) trust resolve.
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from our winter luxury edition. with essential oils infusing luxurious ribbons, new air wick candles wrap the whole room with ribbon after ribbon of indulgent scent... like apple and sheer cinnamon. winter luxury by air wick. also available in scented oils. reflect, react, renew, that is the motto of a project putting mobile billboards around the bay area. a group of jewish organizations is behind this campaign aimed at getting people of all faiths to reflect on their hopes for the future. there are 10 questions for the
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10 days between ra sha shana which the jewish new year and yom kippur, the day of atonement. you can answer them online, organizers will hold onto them and send them back to you next year at this time. you can find a link to the questions on click on news links. the traffic safety group is experimenting with an optic will illusion to see if it gets drivers to slow down. now take a look on the ground there, it's a drawing of a little girl who has chased her ball into traffic. it's painted in front of a school in west vancouver, british columbia, the closer you get the more the girl comes to view. before you get to her there is a sign that says "you're probably not expecting kids to run into the road." the 3-d image wi ere for >> it's designed to get people's attention in an innovative way and the thing is it's not a shocking image as well. there's lots of signage beforehand. >> i think it looks really odd. it doesn't actually look like a
1:55 am
girl when you stand there but i think it's going to be really great. >> the 3d image will be there for about a week. other cities are already considering putting in something similar. >> it's wednesday and that means the weekend is coming. >> but you got to admit dana the weather was the talk of the town. 62 degrees half moon bay, san francisco 72 for the warm spat and napa and we had all these clouds on top of the low clouds. the bottom line is these clouds associated with a cold front, very unusual for this time of the year, and it just swiped the northern half of the state of california bringing with it some colder air mass and also enhancing this marine layer. tomorrow morning, by sun up at 6:45, nobody is going to see it, but with the passing of that front it's going to scour out all these a little bit earlier allowing us to have some ample sunshine in slightly norm warmer conditions. 72 degrees in livermore,
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projecting 70 in san jose, 60 in san francisco, these numbers are still averaging 11 to 14 degrees below normal for this time have the year, in september. so the bottom line is, tonight, with the brisk conditions, great sleeping weather. 49 to 55 degrees, overnight lows, tomorrow with the westerly up to 15, a bit chilly and los gatos at 72 degrees. late day. otherwise partly sunny conditions in fremont. east of the bay numbers from 58 in richmond to 77 in brentwood. that's the outside number but that's still averaging 10 degrees below normal. then you go from citizen son beach with partial clearing to sunshine in santa rosa. but still averaging about 14 below normal. here you have the extended forecast, gradual warming on friday, as high pressure strengthens, pre-seasonal on saturday and sunday, numbers tend to go down again by about this time next week. that is our pinpoint forecast. stay up with us, we'll be right
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back, after this. tricking customers into buying >> thanks roberta. look good, feel good. the clever way that some stores are tricking customer into buying more. right back with tonight's good question. you just move your head and your when i brought it home, and opened it up, wow! it just caught me right away. [ male announcer ] flameless luminaries, from febreze! the beautiful and safe way to add fragrance and a touch of light to your home. it really does look like a candle that's burning. [ male announcer ] just place the scented shade on the wooden base... to turn on the light. press it down. that easy. [ woman #2 ] i love scent and i love decor... so it was like a perfect combination. [ male announcer ] shades are available in a variety of fragrances and designs. the green tea citrus i like just because of the scent. it smells great. fantastic scent. sometimes i'll just pick it up and... [ sniffs, laughs ] it really filled the room. in fact my youngest one, she wanted one in her room. my 3-year-old even knows how to use it.
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i just changed that shade 3, 4 days ago. it's still very fragrant. [ male announcer ] find starter kits and shade refills in the air freshener aisle... where you buy febreze. visit for a $5.00 coupon.
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not really. all right. you move your head, you move your hips, and your dance. pretty simple, right? well, not so much according to a new study. british researchers video taped dance moves of 19 men with a 3d camera. then they mapped the moves on to computer-again rated gender neutral have a a tars. straight women watched and then rated those moves. >> zero. >> eh, that's a pretty good move. >> and the most striking result, tell membership what not to do? >> all of that. >> somebody is just walking around in a circle nodding their head for example that's a terrible dancer. >> i have moves. the study found women mostly liked seeing large and varied
2:00 am
movements involving the neck and the back. here is the one i don't get. the speed of the right knee movements were also very important to women. >> i don't question any of it. anyway, if upenn still need a reason to feel good about yourself just go shopping.s inquire magazine did and it found a big difference between the size on the labels and the real size of a pair of pants, a pair of pants found at the gap labeled a 36" waste when it really murder 39. a pair of 36" dockers clocked in at 39 1/2, and then at old navy, a 36 was really a 41. help your waistlin >> that happens just with men's pants, right. munching on jelly bellies won't help your 0 waistline and there are a few that are popular that you wouldn't think of. the vomit flavored. 6th grader anderson law wants to know what's in that barf
2:01 am
jelly been? when ad low, a 6th grader from san leandro, asked me this question -- >> what are the ingredients for jelly flavored jelly beans i knew the kid was testing me, more than that, he was challenging me, he didn't think that i would seek out the famed puke-flavored candy but he was wrong. >> vomit? it tastes like vomit. ho man, that is nasty. >> i blame this woman for coming up with this concoction. she is lisa braisier, the great great granddaughters of that guy, gustav go list, the founder of the people that would become the jetly belly jelly been company. >> at jelly belly we pride ourselves on using natural ingredient whenever possible. this is one been we don't use natural ingredients. >> it turns out there is no vomit in the jetty been but the exact recipe is a closely guarded secret and, believe it
2:02 am
or not, it has become one of their biggest sellers. >> spicy too. >> yeah. >> wow, that tastes like real vomit. >> and if you like vomit you'll love some of the other flavors here like baugher and pencil shavings and ear wax. and the ever-popular baby wipes. >> this is what you have done to the company lisa. >> and you know what, sometimes that worries me, i don't know what gustav would have thought but my grandmother eloise go list, i'm not too sure she would be delighted about this. >> i need your good questions. send them to me at the lions got off to a fast start. barry zito ♪ welcome to the modern world, people. woolite isn't just for your delicates! it's for all your clothes! with woolite complete you can wash everything, from jeans to tees, 'cause it has the right balance of care and cleaning. and say goodbye to fading, shrinking, and stretching.
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after all, a lady never reveals the true age of her clothes. woolite complete, cleans and cares for all your clothes.
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welcome to progressive. nice calculator. i'm just trying to save money on my car insurance. you know, with progressive, you get the option to name your price. is that even possible? uh, absolutely. trade? and i still get great service? more like super great. oh, you have a message.
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"hello." calculator humor. i'll be here all week. i will -- that was my schedule. the freedom to name your price. now, that's progressive. call or click today. 19 of his 29 starts, the giants have scored 2 runs or less.. . barry zito has not won a game since july 16th but he deserves a better fate because in 19 of his 29 starts the giants have scored two runs or less. but, tonight, he had god's luck on his size. jerry sanchez says hallelujah to that. can i have an amen. barry zito pitched a gem but with the game tied at 1 in the third kelly i know son singles home the winning run. that's all they need. would hudson out duel violent sweet or for the second time giving up one run. the giants have the tying run at the plate, cody rock tries to check the swing and he
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checked out. so do the giants. now we have a triple doze of bad news. both the padres and braves win sending the giants back two games in the division. they have two games tomorrow. did you know the a's are 50- 24 when stealing bases. coco crisp has stolen 16 straight. he also had a two-run jack to left. the only guy that had a shot was this guy and down goes phrasier, boy did he hit it hard. oh, that looked like it hit. more cocoa in the sixth. single to right scores another. that is the difference maker, three runs batted in for coco and the ace are winners tonight. roger federer taking on soderling. check out the drop shot from federer. the us open.. is lo th grand slam federer beat soderling in straight sets to get back in the semifinals of the open. he is looking for his 17th grand slam title. someone at niner camp asked the coach if back up david carr
2:07 am
ever had a shot at the starting job. here is the top 5. we did not have david carr come in here and compete with him for number 1. we did not. absolutely unequivocally did not. >> at number 4, a lion attack caught on tape at the mgm grand. losing his cool with the trainer. eventually the trainer gets loose, escapes unharmed. i think i would find another line of work. >> you're not lion. >> somebody from peed work in the first row, she is definitely better that in guy. adam dunn foul ball, isn't it, what's wrong with the men tonight? the men aren't delivering the goods tonight. >> tonight? >> you can't do it. at number 1 u.s. open doubles. row hand pa pan a and you shawn carechey advance the finals at the pakistani ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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